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Dr. Charles A. Votzmeyer's office provides gentle healing treatments including ultra-sound, intersegmental cervical traction, therapeutic mineral hot packs, muscle stimulation, nerve electrical stimulation, diathermy, massage, inversion therapy, and hot stone massage therapy. In addition to our healing treatments, as a full-service chiropractic health care facility we also offer our patients services like x-rays, MRI electrodiagnosis, EMG, and laboratory workups.

Our treatments are designed to relax tense skeletal muscles, decrease inflammation, increase range of motion, and thereby decrease pain. Dr. Charles A. Votzmeyer's spinal manipulation is gentle and he utilizes all of the latest and painless techniques in order to help your body restore itself to normal function once again.

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Don't just mask your pain with drugs, get to the cause of your symptoms and trust your pain to the healing hands of Dr. Votzmeyer.

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